Do you have something in social network:
a website, a blog or a group associated with the tourism?

Start earning right now by offering your visitors
villas for rent and ticketing soon worldwide!

How does this work?

After registering into our affiliate program you choose an instrument
convenient for integration with your resource:

  • White-Label
  • API
  • Widget
  • Link

Site owners receive commission fee
for every paid booking at the amount of 50% of our income
and owners of social network groups - from 40%.

Your income is not limited!
Earn more than you can carry!

After one villa renting your commission fee will be 5% -10% of the rent. If this is a luxury villa, it costs $ 1,000 per night, and if you rent it for 14 nights then your commission will be $ 700 - $ 1,400 depending on who of the owners we have an agreement with:

5-10%Your commission fee от
Your visitor
books a villa:
at $1000 per day
14 days
= $1400Your commission fee
How to withdraw
commission fee?

Money withdrawal is processed by non-cash payment to your account in
a bank or any other way you prefer.

Affiliate program Apayla is:

Fantastic average bill
Highest commission fee
Flexible integration tools
Free withdrawal